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Feb 09 2009

Two Groups Can Recycle Your Old Surfboards

Covered in polyurethane, your surfboard is not exactly a Green product. And when it gets old and beat up, it’s really tough to reuse it unless you can get very creative. (I’ve seen a few tables and lamps made from old boards) ReSurf and Green Foam Blanks, two companies in Southern California, are doing something […]

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Feb 06 2009

Yankee Fisherman’s Coop Will Sell Catches Locally, Like a Farmshare

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This is a new one for me—a fish-share. The Yankee Fisherman’s Coop of Seabrook, NH will sell locally caught fish to local retail establishments and to any customer interested in weekly shares of shrimp and lobster. At this time, it looks like they only have shellfish packages for landlubbers like us or 20 pound packages […]

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Feb 05 2009

NASA Plans to View the Dark Side of the Sun

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NASA is poised to give us the first views of the dark side (far side) of the sun. The space agency has launched the STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories) mission, two spacecraft that will simultaneously orbit the sun to provide a complete picture of all sides at once. The first full image will come early […]

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Feb 03 2009

Human Hunters are Genetically Shrinking Their Prey

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Human hunting and fishing practices are forcing an evolutionary shrinkage of prey species, reports the Wired Science blog. Kind of a no-brainer. Throughout time, life has adapted to its environment, as well as to avoid becoming tonight’s dinner. Now that humanity has such a massive impact on the Earth, “forced” adaptations will likely increase more […]

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Jan 30 2009

Random Friday Video: The Birth of Electronic News

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Think back to what you were doing in 1981, then imagine getting news via your home computer—if you had one. This video of a 1981 KRON report predicts the future of news reporting on the future of the Internet. And the best part? An S.F. Examiner editor mentions how they’re not in it to make […]

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