Jun 24 2006

About Paul and Randye

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Paul and Randye live in Amesbury, MA and have family and friends across this great nation. What better way to keep in touch with what they're doing, than to blog on the 'Net?

Please visit often or subscribe, and get all the details of what they're up to directly to your computer. Want to post a comment? Please do. Have any questions? Drop us a line.

About Paul

Paul Kerstein is an award-winning senior Internet media, digital marketing, communications and community professional with more than 13 years of editorial and online technology experience.

He has worked at online and print properties for national magazines, regional and local newspapers, non-profit organizations and is now at a social media Web 2.0 site. He is an experienced leader working with traditional and community generated content using various content production strategies, content management systems, digital marketing, brand experience and commercialization methodologies.

He has a proven record of research, planning and implementation of numerous innovative Web technologies and trends with successful and profitable results.

Paul is also a writer with fiction, poetry, magazine and newspaper articles published in various academic and professional publications.

About Randye

Randye Kerstein is the principal of Kerstein Creative, a full-service design and branding studio with a specialty in editorial design. Whatever your next project may be, Kerstein Creative's innovative design and marketing expertise will make it a total success.

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