Sep 21 2007

Helium member writes about being a member and earning money on the website

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Working at has been very educational in regard to working directly with a large community and helping its members improve their writing, as well as trying to earn some money with the tools that we currently have available on the site.

I’ve been there almost a year and I love going to work each day to be a part of the excitement and passion that our members bring to the site. They keep us busier than one-armed paper hangers.

One topic that we’re constantly dealing with, obviously, is how writers can make as much money as possible through their writing on the site. It’s no secret that members who do make a decent amount of money put in a lot of work. They have hundreds of articles and are constantly working with the staff and other members to improve their writing. They make me feel a little like being a well thought of professor (I hope) on a virtual college campus–hundreds of students milling about in a constant frenzied state of academic activity all focused on  becoming better writers.

One of our top writers, who goes by the pen name Thingywhatsit, recently wrote this great article about being a member and making money on Helium, on another website she writes for, (And the inbound links don’t hurt either.) It’s a great summary of what it’s like to be a member on the site and the tools we have available. If anyone is looking for a great synopsis of what it’s like to be a member and how to maximize your monetary experience, I strongly recommend reading her article.

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