Dec 23 2006

Ikea Hacker – Life hacking with furniture

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Earlier this summer, I blogged about a simple life-hacking technique involving my backpack and traveling by car. I must say, the technique, used by a colleague of mine, went quite well and I was a new convert to life-hacking techniques. In today’s crazy hustle and bustle, any technique I can use to save time and make life easier, is a welcome thing.

Life-hacking has reared its wonderful head again, but this time Randye found it. She found a site called Ikea Hacker. It’s a brilliant blog about re-purposing Ikea products. What’s more, we had already done this with some broken Ikea furniture that didn’t survive our move a couple of years back.

“Hey, we did this!” Randye called out while she was reading the blog. “We hacked our Ikea cabinet!”

Here’s what we did. Some years ago, we purchased two Ikea stand-up Pax armoires–one a double wide and one that was regular width–to provide more storage space for clothes in our small apartment. They worked great. Well, eventually it was time to move and the small, skinny unit held up just fine. Unfortunately, physics was not kind to the wider unit and it broke during the move.

Not the type of people to give up on something, we decided that we’d reuse the parts. And reuse them we did. Soon after moving in, we realized there was a lack of comfortable eating space upstairs in our rumpus room. Sure there was the couch with the coffee table, but eating while watching TV was a bit messy.

So we came up with this.


Our answer to good old American-eating-while-watching-TV-goodness. The ultimate in entertainment hedonism. We have shelves on each side to hold DVDs, videos, napkins, coasters and such. There’s room for two chairs so we can sit and eat as well. It’s perfectly placed behind the coach, so our mothers should be proud that we’re not sitting too close to the television.

Some quick measurements, a circular saw with a wood blade, some brackets and wood screws–and we were good to go! The perfect life, or should I say, Ikea hack.


Caveat: Please ignore the carpet, which was not one of our conscious decisions, but came with the house. This will be eliminated. Hopefully within the next year.

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